Post op appt went well - sort of

Hi all

Just checking in after my follow up appointment after lumpectomy. Had to wait over two hours to be seen which didnt help my anxiety, have been tying myself in knots letting my mind terrors take over.

Had good news though, clear margins and nodes clear so wont need any more surgery. On to the next step for me so quite relieved first bit is over.

I was a bit annoyed with my consultant tho. She starting talking about rads and i said that i thought chemo would be first, she just looked at me and said you wont need chemotherapy, i said are you sure as have been told i would. She said again no you not having chemo, me n hubby had big beaming smile and got a little emotional as thats the part that scares me the most. However i caught the look on BC nurse face who was sat in and she was almost cringing. The consultant also started looking a bit vague and said let me check something and walked out of room. BC nurse apologised and said please dont take that as gospel, the oncologist decides treatments. The consultant then comes back in and says ‘oh you are grade 3 you may need chemotherapy’ STUPID WOMAN why would she do that, get someones hopes up like that if she clearly doesnt know what she talking about.

I kind of tuned out then i didnt want to listn to her anymore as i felt she didnt know what she was saying, she didnt even have my notes in front of her. Had a nice chat with BC nurse after and she was really nice and apologised for the consultants vagueness and said she knew the dr i was seeing in the oncology department and she would look after and reassure me when i saw her.

So im pretty sure i will have chemo now but all will be revealed in more detail on friday…what a emotional confusing day! BUT my nodes were clear and we are moving on so this is good news which i will focus on :o)

Oh Clare,
That’s awful. I had a bad experience with a stupid registrar at one point and recall how upset it left me - and I’m tough as old boots. Have you thought about complaining? I complained about the guy I saw cos I thought how much damage he might do to other people with his attitude. Not saying you should, or that you have the energy for it btw.

Try to hold the good bits though - clear margins and no nodes is fantastic news, I am really pleased for you.

I hope when you see the onc you get some helpful advice on what next and so glad your BCN seems clued up. A good BCN is worth her wirght in gold.

Be gentle with yourself, allow yourself to be pleased the surgery was successful and now go and treat yourslef, you so deserve it.


Hey Clare, what a shame your great news was brought down a little by what sounds like a very disorganised consultant.

When I got my clear margins and nodes I went straight to Starbucks and had the bucket of capuccino!! Then went home and baked a batch of chocolate cupcakes and proceeded to consume the goods! I allowed myself a couple of days celebration before I started to get myself back on the worry train. My onc appointment is next Tuesday, fingers crossed the SE’s are kept to a minimum, whatever treatment I end up having!!! Likely to be radiotherapy and tamoxifen according to my consultant, but as I’ve picked up from this site I’ll wait and see what the onc says.

Good luck for Friday, will have everything crossed for you xxx

Thank you x

Im not going to complain Revcat, i was very irritated at the time but the consultant is more on the surgery side and they have done a tremendous job so far so didnt want to get too narky. Obviously i do think it was insensitive and a bit numptyish but im not going to dwell on that. I expected to have to do chemo so nothings changed really.

Me n hubby went straight to burger king and had a big fat whopper meal :o) it seems to be a bit of a tradition now, after every hosp appt we have gone to BK (apart from actual op discharge)

I know i still have a long road ahead but TODAY i have a smile on my face, ive completed first step - surgery! So giving myself a small pat on the back.

Hope everything goes ok for you on tuesday Simone x

Great Clare, so glad you felt able to celebrate.

Let’s hope the surgeon learns from her numptyness for the next time - not everyone will be as strong as you. Really hope onc appointment works out well for you.

Thanks Clare, suitably impressed with the celebration material, can’t beat a trip to BK every now and then!
Never mind a small pat on the back, go large at no extra cost xxx

Congrats Clare really good news, the consultant was just a little dampener which you are right to push to the back and look at the positives.