Post op - driving

Hi, is anyone out there driving yet?  If yes - how long did you wait after your op?

I was told not to drive for at least two weeks (I had mx). Debbie x

Hi Lizzie,


i had had my op on April 24th. I saw the consultant on Tuesday (2 weeks after op) and he said I was fine to drive although I was a bit unsure so left it until yesterday so that’s 2 and a half weeks. I didn’t go very far but it was fine. Hardest thing was putting the handbrake on (op was left side) but apart from that, no problems. As I’ve been at home for so long now it felt good to know that I can now get about if I need to. It’s made me feel a bit helpless/useless not being able to drive. Hope that helps! I guess everyone is different and you should only give it a go if you feel ready. Try changing gear without the car moving first to see how you get on. Good luck!

I’d give it a few more days if you still feel a bit fragile. I still feel bruised and lumpy and sore so it’s still early days for you. Take care and heal well x

When asked if i drove i was told at least 4 weeks. (Although i dont drive anyway) Had a lumpectomy and lymph nodes biopsy.

Hi.  I’ve just driven.  Husband came too and it wasn’t far - ten mins there and same back.  All good.  Means I can manage to take myself to the hospital.   Had op on the 4 th


not going to push it and won’t do anything lengthy but just nice to know I can actually get to the Mcmillan centre for a complimentary therapy before I land up back to work.


see how I am in the morning.


really recommend cold compressing the arm pit for short periods.

Great news, ladies! Feels good to get some independence back, doesn’t it? I drove to the hospital to have my wound/swelling checked today and found out the wound is infected. Boo! Now on anti biotics for a week which is a blow but at least it was checked. Felt like I was making a fuss over nothing by going but glad I did. Still have painful armpit and it’s definitely worse in the evening but seems to be creeping back towards the wound now so not so widespread. X