Post-op tips for WLE

I’m very new to doing this type of thing but feel that maybe what I’ve learnt through my recent experiences might be helpful for others with a new diagnosis of DCIS who are facing a WLE (I apologise if it’s a bit lengthy). I was diagnosed with intermediate grade DCIS in June following a routine mammogram which was a huge shock. Unfortunately my biopsy left me with extreme bruising and a very large haematoma (I think I was particularly unlucky) which was very sore and uncomfortable. I was totally unprepared for this and learnt the hard way about finding something comfortable by way of a bra which I needed to wear 24 hours a day for several days. Basically it had to be soft, supportive, and seamless. After this I was anxious about how things would feel after my (very delayed because of the complications) WLE and my daughter suggested that I buy a couple of post-surgery bras. What a great investment they have been! I finally had my surgery last Monday 13th August and I have worn these night and day until this morning. For the first time this morning I put on normal bra and am very comfortable.  Mine were from M&S online who helpfully subtract the VAT at the checkout.


This morning, quite a significant one it seems, I also removed my dressing which had become increasingly itchy and was driving me mad. There is one area in particular, a good distance from the wound itself, which has become quite inflamed so I applied some Benadryl antihistamine ointment and the relief has been amazing. 


I hope that these points might help someone. I have used this site a huge amount over the last several weeks of interminable and anxious waiting. Despite the wonderful support of family and friends it is also a very lonely time and place to occupy. Now I’m waiting again, for results, but having come this far feel that I’ll just face whatever comes next, worrying is too draining.


Thank you to all of you for sharing your experiences and alleviating the isolation of being in this unwanted situation.

Dear merrymaker16

Thank you for your post.  Sharing your experience will definitely help others when they are trying to make their own choices about bra’s.

I am so glad that you have found support here on the Forum.  Many people echo what you have said, it is good to read that you feel your isolation is lessened because of the sharing of experiences.

Best wishes
Digital Community Officer