Post op

Good afternoon everyone 


And yes it is a good afternoon. Well I had therapeutic mammoplasty plus reduction on Friday 29th & am feeling remarkably well. Am not saying that I will continue to be that way but am feeling ok.


i have a Pico7 dressing on and despite feeling like I have a tight band round my chest, the only issue I have still is the tiredness.


Surgeon said the operation went well and pretty much according to plan. Had to take a bit more than thought but was happy how it went.


The only thing is I still don’t know how I feel about it all - has anyone else experienced this? I keep thinking that after everything I should feel different - like I should have stronger feelings or emotions, but I don’t 


Your thoughts/opinions would be appreciated 

Hi Lotuslil


Are you meaning “mammoplasty” or “reconstruction” following onco surgery??

If the latter, yeh, I get that it’s a bit weird you don’t feel stronger emotions to it. Maybe not “yet”, though. BUT, I think it’s GREAT that you’re feeling that way, to be honest. To me, it means it wasn’t at all as BAD, as you thought it was going to be.

I have to say, after my first mastectomy, minus the desired recon, I too felt “Jeez, I’ve just literally had a breast cut off. I feel “maimed” but otherwise so okay and well”. It’s nowhere near as bad as having a limb or hand amputated, is it. We can actually live easily and very well without these two protruberances on our fronts!!! :smileyindifferent: Wanted and had asked for immed recon though, as I knew the loss would badly affect my confidence, still being a single woman, n’ all that. Which it did.

I, unfortunately, did suffer that much more of a further blow to my physical confidence, after no 2. Also without immediate recon that I’d wanted and asked for, and then took me a further 7 yrs to have, due to major life stuff getting in the way.

I have developed a major hand prob in the last 5 yrs, and I say to people "You can easily live without boobs, but hands are that much more needed, of a daily necessity.

I hope you continue to feel the way you do, Lotuslil.


Good luck to you. my darlin’ xxxx