Post operation - swollen underarm

My question might seem silly but I had my lumpectomy 11 days ago and I was perfectly fine for the first 7 days after the op. However, last week, my underarm where they took the sentinel node test started to become swollen. I saw my surgeon on Monday and he told me it can happen and that it will go or that he will have to remove the liquid with a seringue.
It seems to get worse and painful too…has anyone experienced the same? how long did it take to get back to normal? I am worried it is going to delay my treatment, i.e. radiation.
Any thoughts?

Hello. Assuming you’ve got a seroma then mine took about 2 - 3 weeks to disappear and had no impact on my rads. I had it drained twice and then gave up and my body simply reabsorbed the liquid.

It is quite common and I know how painful it is. After my last lumpectomy, it took over 3 weeks and it reabsorbed itself.They didn’t want to drain as it increases the risk of an infection. With this lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy, I’m still swollen after 2 weeks. They are going to drain as there is so much and it is so painful that I threatened to saw my arm off! I do find that the exercises they give you to do post-op help me and so I do them every hour and take the pain med.They haven’t said that they will delay treatment though so I think that you will be ok.

Hi fighter

You may find this BCC publication ;Your operation and recovery’ useful to read, it contains information about possible problems following surgery:

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