Post radiotherapy

Evening all.  Finished radiotherapy last week.  Still tingly and do get a bit weary - was warned this would happen, and it’s not a huge problem, as I’m lucky enough to be retired, so can take a break when I need to. Got a couple of questions - when would it be OK to take grandchildren to the local swimming pool?  (am I right that the radiated skin can react to the chemicals in the pool)? And when can I expect to be able to wear my stickie boob comfortably again? (Currently the weight of it drags on the sensitive skin).

Like to hear from other ladies further on than me with what they experienced.


Sorry you haven’t received a response yet and I’m sure other users will be along to share their post-radiotherapy experiences soon.

In regards to your question about swimming, you might find it useful to post on our Ask the Nurse board or call our helpline on 0808 800 6000.

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Hi DJD, I was told to wait 2 weeks / until any redness had gone before swimming.

Can’t advise on sticky boob, but would be cautious of delicate skin post radiation.