post surgery there's a strange wire coming out of my scars/boobs!!!

Hi all, I am 3 weeks post surgery, after undergoing a re-excision, bilateral mammoplasty and lymph node clearance. Almost 5 hours on theatre and a lot of cuts. Most of my glue has now come off, but in several areas on my wounds I have been noticing sore, sharp bits and I ha e now noticed a clear wire popping out in a few areas, in one part it’s about 2" long. I am assuming they are some sort of internal stitches, but is this normal and will the go/dissolve? I would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks Jayne xxx

Hi Jane,I noticed pieces of stitch sticking out of my wounding during the first week after surgery which was quite alarming, but they disappeared after about a week I’m guessing they just dissolved .They were only a few mm long though, but I only had a small scar as it was a lumpectomy .

They may well be dissolvable sutures ,however,in uncomfortable,the Sgn may try and remove them.

Thank you both, I’ve mentioned it Tommy BCN, who has booked me into the seroma clinic next week, so I’ll get them to take a look. It looks a bit like fishing wire ?xx

Yes mine was like that too, a bit disconcerting isn’t it, but by the time I saw the surgeon to mention it they had gone .