Post surgery

Morning ladies, those who have already been through operations I’m looking for some help. A week ago today I had a 1.7cm lump removed from my right breast. I feel I’ve been recovering well apart from bruising etc but 2 days ago I took off the dressing and last night decided to have the first feel of my breast to check the lump
Had gone. It does seem to have gone however I have another lump a little further up which is now freaking me out. In my head I’m thinking surely the surgeon has not missed my lump during the operation? They aren’t that stupid right??? Or
Is this lump normal
Post surgery from swelling??

Hi Suzie,


I am sure you are right and it’s simply a post-surgery issue. I had mastectomy with recon rather than lumpectomy but had lots of lumps and bumps around the surgery site for some weeks. I’ve also read a lot that women who have lumpectomies have scar tissue for some time afterwards and perhaps for ever. I’m certain that your medical team would have checked over your entire breast during the investigations before your surgery so can’t imagine that anything would have been missed. 


But I don’t think it’s unusual to think the way you are. You are still so close to your surgery and the anaesthetic effects last for some time. That coupled with the stress you have no doubt been under since you suspected something was wrong and the fact that you’ve probably not been as active this week and have more time to think helps the mind go to places it shouldn’t. I certainly spent a lot of time post-surgery fretting about lumps and bumps and odd feelings. 


Sounds like you are doing pretty well anyway but don’t worry about contacting your BCN if you want more reassurance.


Good luck with your recovery.


Ruth xx

Hi Suzie22 I had a lumpectomy at the end of March & I still have a lumpy area below my scar. You’ll have your follow up with your surgeon in a week or two I presume & they will check out how your healing & be able to put your mind at rest. I think it is just scar tissue as I’ve been checked by surgeon & oncologist & they’ve never expressed any concern. But if you are really concerned you could give your breast care nurse a ring just to check. All the best with your recovery & don’t forget to do your exercises xx

What exercises? No one had told me anything xx

Hi Suzie, I had a lumpectomy and then a re-excision early March and the area around the scar is still quite lumpy and still numb to the touch. I am sure that your mammogram, ultrasound, mri (or whatever else you may have had) will have been thoroughly viewed to ensure everything that needed removing was removed. It must just be scar tissue that is still swollen. If you had any lymph nodes removed which is quite usual to check for signs of the disease spreading (I had 4 removed) then you need to do exercises regularly to help it to heal and to regain good movement in your shoulder area. I found the lymph node removal area more painful than the lumpectomy wound!  I am sure if you speak to your bc nurse she will put your mind at rest. Take care. Michelle xx

Hi all, I called the line on this site and the breast nurse who both said that the lumps around operation site are totally normal. I go back In a few weeks also for results etc. It’s anxiety which makes my mind wonder!

Hi I am 5 weeks post op with having 1.8mm lobular  lump removed my breast is still quite lumpy/bumpy but is taking time to heal, as I had 2cm of breast tissue removed around the lump  and also I had a lot of seroma, which didnt help, what you can feel is probably just the area where the lump has been removed and depending on how much of the surrounding tissue was removed,   personally call your breast care nurses or I am sure at your two week post op check up your surgeon will reassure you.   Take care D

I’ve called the breast nurses who said this is perfect ally normal. I’m seeing them again in 2 weeks so I’ll
Get them to check then but they said they would be more worried if it wasn’t lumpy and bumpy post op xx

I’m still spending my time thinking about this ? surely a surgeon would not miss the lump she was meant to remove, i think my anxiety is playing a huge part in this. I just didn’t expect to feel more lumps after surgery than I did before and the lumps I can feel feel so much like the lump I had removed! Everyone has told me this is tissue swelling as its only 1 week post op but my mind is running away with me!

I’m still
Experiencing some lumps post surgery 2 weeks ago. These have been present since the surgery and were not there before. I’ve been assured by breast nurses it’s normal
But I’m

What’s seroma