Post treatment appt.What to ask?


Diagnosed Oct 08, 2 ops, chemo, rads and tamoxifen.
I have my 6 week post treatment appt in a week. Apart from the obvious to myself(swelling, bad veins, backache) is there anything in particular I should ask at this appt? What is normal procedure? and how do they know if its working? Is a scan likely?
Appreciate any comments.
Thanks Lynn x

Hi Lynn,

I had my post treatment appt in April. Dx Nov 08, WLE & SNB, rads and tamoxifen.

I asked about follow up plan from here on, what to look out for and report (in case there was anything I hadn’t thought of), likely and possible long term side effects of rads. We also discussed the tamoxifen, minimising SEs, anything in terms of non-prescription meds, supplements etc. I had to avoid. I also asked to go through the prognosis stats. I took the view that this appt would be a good opportunity to ask a lot of questions and get a lot of info!

I didn’t have any scans and won’t have anything other than the yearly mammo unless I or they find anything that needs investigating. He did do a very thorough “grope & poke”. I think this is the only way they do know if it is working. That and us being vigilant ourselves.

My post treatment appt was very good. I was given plenty of time to ask my questions and discuss things. He asked how I was getting on with the tamoxifen and how I was feeling generally, what effects I had from rads, and he was very understanding and empathetic. He said I could now go to 6 monthly appts, alternating onc & surgeon, and I have the next two appts booked (which gives me a feeling of security).

Hope you too have a good appointment.

Eliza xx

Hi Eliza and many thanks, your comments are helpful.
Think I will take a list with me in case! I hope my onc is as thorough as yours and not rushed as per the ususal appts.
Thanks again.
Lynn x