Post treatment arthritis and hearing loss

I’m not sure where to start - I finished chemo 11 months ago and had 20 rounds of radiotherapy and to be honest I am not sure I feel any better than I did 12 months ago. I still get stomach cramps. I have terrible joint pain in all of my joints (I am now taking a combo of painkillers and anti-depressants which does help as some days I could barely walk) and am now going deaf. I get breathless and they have picked something up on my lungs (not tumours though, they don’t think). I was so cheery through the treatment as I saw it as a temporary thing, but now it seems never ending. It has destroyed my relationship with my boyfriend. I was running marathons before I was diagnosed and now I get exhausted at the slightest bit of activity. I do swim as it helps with my joint issues and have started Yoga too. I just want my life back - ps sorry for being a totally moany person.


Diane so sorry to hear you’re still feeling so rough.  Everyone I talk to still has good & bad days & gripes of some description or another.   I am also frustrated that my energy levels are not what they were, but a friend of a friend said it took her 2-3 years, so don’t give up yet.  Good luck xx