Post Zice Trial Options?

Anyone out there completed Zice Trial? Am coming to the end of my 96 weeks and wanted to make an informed decision about whether to stay on Bondronat tablets or change to IV Zometa (I THINK I have the choice as I signed up for the trial!).

Hi Haxted,

I was originally signed up for the trial, but then when they found out I had been having weekly alendronic acid, I became ineligible. I then had to choose which treatment. I chose the IV zometa, as I hadn’t got on very well with the tablets. I haven’t heard any results from the trial yet. I am pleased with the zometa so far and feel it has worked for me, my bone mets appear to be stabilising and when I had my hip replacement the consultant commented on how surprisingly hard my bone is. I haven’t had any SEs at all from it, but admit I hate the cannula!

Now I am on chemo tablets I am very glad that I don’t have to take daily bondronat tablets too. But I guess until any results are confirmed, we have to go with what suits us individually.

How is your hip by the way, are you up and dancing yet? I am still walking longer distances with a crutch or stick, but manage shotter distances without. I have ended up with a limp though - but was warned that this was likely!

Take care xx

hallo! Nice to hear from you! My hip replacement went fine initially but then became a bit like something out of an Ealing Comedy… rather than repeat it all, I posted on what I consider my “home” forum (Infammatory Breast Cancer) so if you’re bored, have a look here!–t32293.html

Sorry to hear you have a limp but I hope that despite that, you have no pain in your hip? I still haven’t got off crutches following my own pallava but have high hopes following hydrotherapy startng next week…

I shall wait and hear if anyone else has opinions abut what to do post-bondronat! Must admit, the thought of not having that hour every morning after 96 weeks is appealing…