Postcode lottery? Problems getting Ibandronate or other drugs?

Message to those on ibandronate or other bc drugs you cant get hold of!

I have secondaries, in bone and lung and put immediately on arimedex, and at a recent appointment with my onco said to go onto biphos and particularly liked me to go onto ibandronate (i dont know why in particular just this was the preference! although it does sound a good drug!) however, one problem the oncologist could not prescribe it due to funding!!!

AAARGHHH i thought! here we go - postcode lottery!!!

Anyway, I thought I know - I will call my doctor and just ask - the initial feedback was a no, but she would check. Then next day she called to say another doctor in the surgery was prescribing it so she would too!!! hoorah! Called my oncologist who was absolutely thrilled for me!

So the moral of the story is, if they say ‘no’ they cant give you a drug you want, then seek other ways to get it and most importantly please try your GP.

I know that our GPs are asked by the hospital to prescribe ibandronate as they won’t unless you are on the ZICE trial which is looking at the success and side effects between zometa and ibandronate.
Glad you managed to get it and hope rest of treatment goes well.

Hi Rachel and fayjay

Just thought you may be interested in this link, it will take you to our factsheet about bisphosphonates including pamidronate:

Best wishes