While on chemo yesterday I sucked on ice lollies for half hour before,during and half hour after and have no foul tase in my mouth 24 after so hopefully this will help others on here good luck.


whether it will or not I love lollies and ice cream so will give it a go anyway…any excuse.

I use bicarb soda mouthwashes. 2 tsp in a glass of water. Tastes absolutely foul whilst rinsing but once rinsed after with plain water find bad tastes much better and really relieves mouth ulcers.
Good luck xx


Can I ask when you started getting mouth ulcers, I mean how soon after starting chemo


Debs x

Think they started on 3rd cycle of FEC. Am now on Tax and they’ve started day 2 when it was about day 7 on FEC. Soda bic seems to sort them though.
Take care

I got mouth ulcer and really sore tongue within hours of chemo but this time thanks to the lollies ive had nothing and food and tea etc taste normal woo hoo. I looked at it as the same principal as the cold cap and it worked i ate four orange ice lollies through chemo and its magic would recommend anyone to try it what do you have to lose.


oh lovely. I will make some pineapple ones to take with me when I start

well day three and mouth is still normal thank god going 2 weeks without tea was a nightmare


fantastic will try the lollies next time - cant stand the taste in my mouth at the moment all furry!! keep mouth washing etc


Hi Debs

I started getting mouth ulcers a week after 1st cycle of chemo. I used difflam and cordysil which helped eased the soreness. Also i reccomend Aloe Vera toothpaste which you can get from Holland and Barrett. The toothepaste is not abrasive. Ice lollies is also a must really cooling on the mouth:-) With my second cycle of chemo started rinsing my mouth with difflam after every meal, no ulcers this time!!!

I don’t know where you get your treatment, but at the hospital i go to they give the difflam and cordysyl free of charge. Worth asking your BC nurse.

Kirsty xx

Hi kirsty I had all that on last treatment but this time I thought along the lines of the cold cap and if I kept my mouth cold during chemo it would prevent the need for everything and it has I havent had the bother I had from the start of chemo last time.

No mouth ulcer no bad taste and no slime.

So better to prevent than cure.

Even the nurses at the hospital are recommending it now.


good luck everyone let me know how you get on