Pr+ 4 years and no treatment ?

Hi all just a question? I went for annual check with breast nurse today and all ok but mentioned tht was told I was negative which I presumed triple negative when going thru all my treatment lumpectomy auxiliary clearance chemo n rads but last year was told told pr+ n to remove the more a coil n have copper one which I have done but I mentioned today that I have since read u take hormone replacement on tht so she got notes out n on front says hormone negative. But when she read the notes it says pr+. And 7/8. So not weak cudnt understand and said I shud hav been on something so will ask oncologist at next meeting !! That’s 4 years that I could possibly have had help against it returning I am feeling confused and a bit mad if this is the case x

Hi Rozita


That certainly sounds very confusing. Perhaps you could ask for a copy of the pathology report and that would clear things up? 


Take care.



Although it is four years since your initial diagnosis, I would ask for a copy of your pathology report like Mary has suggested.
Some ladies do not wish to know the details of their cancer but others, like myself, need to see things in black and white especially when it concerns my body and health.
You need to find out the exact details for your own piece of mind. It must be awful for you worrying if you have been given the correct treatment plan in respect of giving you hormone therapy or not.
However, you would expect that the BC team around you made sure you got the correct treatment. I would be surprised if nobody double checked your results against your treatment plan.
I know from my own experience that during my consultations with my Breast surgeon, Oncologist and another hospital registrar at the Breast Clinic, they all went through my notes repeatedly.
You would expect that if there was a discrepancy between pathology results and treatment plan that someone would have raised the alert.
I truly hope you find out that you have had the correct treatment for your diagnosis.
Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts.
M x