PR positive only and tamoxifen


I am ER negative, HER2 negative and PR weakly positive. I haven’t met anyone yet who has this status. I’ve been given tamoxifen to take but I know it’s controversial as one oncologist said it would be useless. I’m concerned about taking tamoxifen for 5 years if it doesn’t do any good. I had a 3 month checkup with a surgeon, who rushed in and out, examined my breasts but there was no opportunity to talk. I wrote him a letter asking him about tamoxifen nd asking him to pass the letter on to someone if it’s not his speciality but so far no reply. I’m not holding out much hope of getting any info out of the hospital. Anyone’s experiences would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hello Lovelypen, I had exactly the same status as you!!! and I know what you mean about the tamoxifen. I think they put you on tamoxifen to try and stop your periods, i was on it until i had a complete hysterectomy then told i could stop taking it, I have asked loads of questions about being only pr positive and noone seems to know much about it.
Anna x

Hi Lovelypen

I don’t have exactly the same status as you, I am HER2+, ER- and PR+ (89%). When you say you are weakly PR positive do you know what your score/percentage was? I too am on tamoxifen. I did ask whether I would benefit from taking tamoxifen and was told ‘yes’ . However, just like annamarie says above, no-one seems to know much about it and there is limited information on the internet, although what I have read does suggest benefit to taking it. My Onc has told me that I will stay on tamoxifen for between 2-5 years and then I will be switched to something else (whatever that may be). At the moment I have no problems with tamoxifen so I am more than happy to take it whatever the benefit is. Sorry I can’t be of any more help. Love xxx

I have been for check up today as have been having pains in breast I am 3 n half years since diagnosis all was ok thank goodness but I thought I was triple negative no treatment and was told today
er- Hr2- Pr+
does anyone really know what this means ? rozita x