Praise be for my hair cut and colour!

I’m not overly convinced that the ‘sharing good news’ section of the forum was set up with this in mind but i wanted to tell everyone that yesterday i had my first proper haircut in nearly a year, in a proper salon with a proper hairdresser, a proper colour and best of all a proper cut!

I started fec-t chemo last april, shaved my hair off in early May and finished chemo in August. My hair has grown back well, and brown still, but am definitely sporting mr scheuster curls. Yesterday i had it coloured a dark brown/red colour and a supershort pixie/urchin cut. It may not be my choice of cut, but it looks good, feels good and sure beats the stubbly look i’ve been sporting for months.

I feel like myself again.

Hugs to all facing hairloss, going through hairloss and growing their hair back. You’ll get there.


Well done, Vickie, I am so glad it makes you feel better.

hi, fabulous news, i have lost my hair for the second time now, never mind when it grows back I am going to have a change, grow it into a graduated bob, choc colour, with frost hi-lites carnt wait all the very best liz xxxxxx

{{ : - ) that’s you with hair that is. Dx

How wonderful Vickie what a long way you have come and this must give a lot of ladies on here so much hope and cheer
Saw Midge’s comment too. Jackie xx

Hi all

I think this topic and the postings are really important. I finished my chemo this Feb and am anxiously waiting for the day that I too can have my very own pixie haircut! It is making a presence but not quite enough to unveil yet! I am nearly finished my radiotherapy (one more to go on Monday) and another several months of Herceptin. However, I definitely feel the worst is over and I am being positive and looking forward to the future.

I sometimes think it is underestimated how massively important our hair is. I certainly feel that despite the wig being very realistic looking it is still a wig, feels like a wig and can never replace my own hair. I can’t wait to have a ‘bad hair day’!

Well done Vicki! A wonderful day indeed.

Yes was pretty wonderful but i kept getting choked up before and after as it just felt like such a big emotional step to take. Your hair will be back before you know it. I’d recommend taking and dating loads of photos of your hair as its great to see how far its come. I’ve got a hair diary from before treatment to now on my facebook page and i enjoy updating it and flicking back through the older snaps.

Really good news - and I think absolutely the right thread to be posting on!! Thanks for the morale boost. My youngest patted my head today and said ‘have you seen how much your hair isn’t bald?’… by which I think she was praising my stubble…whilst subtly pointing out the thin patchy top of my scalp…lol. At least it is growing… and with only one more chemo to go, I feel the worst is behind me…

So, another six months or so, and I might be at the hairdressers too!! Thank you!!