Hi all
Having a bit of a wobble today.having op on 23 feb but pre -assesment on 17 feb,dont know what this entails, but i’m frightened in case it has spread.Do you think i should voice my concerns at pre- assesment or will they think i’m neurotic.I feel very confused and scared.Lesleyx

Hi Lesley, I think the pre op assessment is just height, weight, blood pressure, questions about previous ops etc, nothing to worry about…

Lesley, Do ask your questions. You will feel much better

When you get to the Pre-op clinic, they will do the physical tests like Tally said, i had ecg as well, but they will also have your notes and X-rays there, that will include any results like your biopsies, mammogram etc and also the copies of the letters to and from your GP and the Multi-Disciplinary team. You might see a doctor or a specialist nurse but there will usually be doctors around at the clinic if you have questions the nurse can’t answer. It’s your chance to find about what is going to happen to you and to have your say if there’s things you aren’t happy with.

You should find there are leaflets and info about the day of surgery too and what to expect afterwards. Peronally i used it as a chance to check out parking, the WRVS canteen and mobile phone reception!

If you think your cancer might have spread, that’s certainly a real worry and maybe they could send you for extra tests on your pre-op day to find out. Or at least go over what has already been done. Perhaps you’re a worrier like me in any case, and it will help if they know that too cos they can help you with relaxation stuff (i’m sure i had extra painkillers!) Good luck.

Hi Hymil’
Thankyou very much for you’re reply.It’s true i am a great worrier.I have had a ct scan at the start of chemo but every ache and pain,you probably know what i’m talking about.I will be asking lots of questions though! thanks again love Lesleyx