pre- op and consultaion tomorrow for implants

As it say above, my op is planned for 25th Sept to have tissue expanders removed and silicone implants put in. Anybody else at this stage. I am quite excited about this because at the moment the sit very high on my chest like cartoon boobs. My 5 year old newphew cuddles up and he even say I have hard boobies. What do the results look like? do they sit in a better place? are the more flexible? My surgoen says they will never look natural but surely they will be better than this. Any info would be grateful.

S. xxx

Hi Slippy

I dont know as I am not at this stage yet not til Feb, but I did get to look at the new implants and feel them at the beginning of this journey and they do feel a lot softer and more plyable than this hulking great thing I have in a the moment,