Pre op assessment, feeling scared

I’ve been diagnosed with IDC and I’m going in for my lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy next Tuesday (21st Jan)
I’ve been keeping busy since the diagnosis and tried to deal with practical things like getting plenty of food for my children while I’m recovering, paying bills etc
I’ve had my ups and downs but I thought I was coping. Then today I had my pre op assessment and I’ve just fallen to pieces.
I think having all the things done like blood tests (which are a nightmare as I have tiny veins ), swabs, ECG, blood pressure etc made the cancer ‘more real’
I’ve been crying all day and now the stress has caused my bowel disease to flare up.
Has anyone else felt like this after the assessment ? I feel like I’m losing the plot :frowning:



I think it’s quite normal to have at least one melt down along the way. Different things seem to trigger it for all of us.


For me it was an mri scan, the staff had to almost drag me off as I had dissolved in tears at the end.


I hope you feel calmer soon, take care.




Joody of course you’re feeling scared & tearful. I remember feeling rotten before my SNB & then the night before my mx. I think these feelings are very normal & understandable. Don’t be hard on yourself or push yourself on days when things are difficult. Give yourself the time you need to begin to take on-board everything that’s happening. Best wishes.

We all have a wobble at times.  I find any hanging around in waiting rooms gives potential for scary thoughts.  Had to go to the dentist today & had a struggle holding it together telling them and my treatment’s all finished now. You just need to take one day at a time. I hated it at first when people said ‘you can fight this’ but now I think it is a bit of a fight, only with your emotions.

Lose the plot, doesn’t matter, I have lost it, been in bits, but “go with the flow”, you are being totally NORMAL… Look after yourself… :slight_smile:

Thankyou all for your lovely messages.
With all the stress of the pre med, I’ve been Ill in bed all day today as I have a bowel disease which flares up when I’m under stress.
I’ve also got a kidney infection 'I have 3 kidneys) so all in all I feel pretty rubbish :frowning:
I hope I’m feeling better by Tuesday or they may have to reschedule the op and I really don’t want that x

Hi Jackie
Yes I did have my op on Tuesday and after an overnight stay I came home yesterday.
I’m still a little sore and my arms a bit stiff but nothing too uncomfortable.
That’s one part over… x

I did the same thing. Thought I was coping ok - didn’t realise there were so many appointments before the actual surgery itself.
I had just made the last appointment when I suddenly realised that everything was in place ‘locked and loaded, ready to go’.
I suddenly realised how scared I was and how big this was! I was at work and working for horrid employers - I broke down in tears and just had to go home. What you’re feeling is normal - I think I would be more concerned if you didn’t feel like that.
I am now eight months past my surgery and life is returning to a different sort of normal.
Hope it all goes ok

Hi Carol
This cancer stuff certainly messes with your emotions doesn’t it.
Since my op 4 days ago , I regularly just burst into tears and go up to my bed and hide away for a little.
I’m sure it will get easier in time, it just seems like such a long and tiring road ahead…