Pre Op Photo's



I think I would like to take and keep a photograph of my boobs before I have the operation ( Friday)

I have an Iphone and would be mortified if the photo got onto the wrong hands or inadvrtantly was made public or accessed by some unforseen reason.


I wondered if any of you lovely ladies had an idea of how I could keep a private record of my journey.


Im not very techinical, Thanks in advance, any guidance is apprecaited.

Hi Pawsnjaws, lol, I work in an IT support company, so will give you the best answer possible. Generally iPhones are quite safe, especially if you are also subscribed to iCloud, where your photos can be stored. However, you can email your photos to you private e-mail address, then save them in a folder on your laptop/computer. You may be able to put a password onto the folder, so no one can access it without your password. It will, however, also depend on how good your Antivirus software is on your computer/ laptop and whether you are vigilant with respect to links in your emails and links on websites and websites themselves. Perhaps edit the photo after you have taken it, so you crop out your face? Hope this helps a little. xx