Pre-Reconstruction Scans


I was told today that prior to my reconstruction I will have to have a bone scan, CT scan and blood tests. The scans freak me out and really stress me and even just the thought of it raises my blood pressure - or at least feels like it does. Did anybody else have these prior to surgery? I’m terrified they’ll find something and almost would rather not know. I was diagnosed June 2007.



I was “re-staged” before reCON. In fact I asked about it and was told in fact you don’t actually get re-staged as such i.e. if you are dx with Stage 2 then you will never go to Stage 1 although might move to Stage 3. What they really mean is re-assessment to check no recurrence or spread of the disease since those checks were last done.

I personally found it reassuring that all bits and pieces were clear of disease.

Don’t worry.

Hi Ruby
I was diagnosed in both breasts in 2002 and had bilateral mastectomy.
Having had failed LD reconstruction with implants in 2004 and many surgeries since due to infection / rejection of the implants, I had bilateral reconstruction with one side DIEP and one side TRAM procedure 9 weeks ago, which I’m glad to say has been very successful.
Throughout my reconstruction journey the only scan I have had was an MRA (Magnetic Resonance Angiography) scan prior to my recent DIEP / TRAM.
This was purely to identify where the best blood vessels were in my abdomen, to be used in the reconstruction.
The only blood tests I have had pre operatively have been the routine full blood count etc.
Hope this helps