pregnancy after breast cancer


Is there anyone who has had a baby after being treated for bc?

I am triple negative, finished chemo & rads Nov 2007. We were trying for a baby when the cancer was discovered (we have got a 5 year old). I had zolodex injections and my periods have since returned. So far all is ok. I discussed pregnancy with my oncologist who said it would be fine.

However, I am now incredibly broody, think about becoming pregnant a lot but my husband has said he doesn’t want any more children. We’ve had long chats about it and it boils down to him not wanting to be left on his own with 2 children in case the worse happens. This sounds dreadful but I know he is being realistic and that it would maybe be unfair to bring a child into this situation.

Has anyone been in a similar situation? I know I should feel grateful for what I have got and there are others who have got no children at all. I feel cheated by this horrible disease and that my life plans have gone out of the window.

Any thoughts on this appreciated.



Hi Jude

I was diagnosed 22 Sept 08, I was sent to the fertility clinic to see if they could freeze eggs, as I am single they said there would be no point as eggs wouldn’t work unless fertilised.
I had Chemo, mastectomy and recon then Rads finished 17th Aug, 1 week later they took a biopsy from the other breast which turned out to be 2 new tumours. I will have to start all over again.

To top it all off my peroids started again last thurs, I will ask to go on Zolidex again.
I have always wanted kids but the fact that I am still here means more.
I was planning to go back to work next month get my life back on track then think about having kids, that has all now been taken away from me.

If i were you I’d go ahead, my onc said he has had loads women go on to have kids after chemo. Don’t let this ruin your life, I won’t when I get back on track again

Sharon xx


God, I hate this site sometimes … just written a long reply and it’s vanished. Grrrrrrrr!!!

I got pregnant after chemo, so yes, some of us are still fertile post-treatment. Unfortunately now I have bone mets, so sooner or later my daughter will end up without her mum.

I wouldn’t change things even if I could, but even so it’s all very hard to live with.

Best wishes


Thank for your replies.

Sharon - I’m sorry you have got to go through it all again. I like your positive outlook though about going for having kids. Do you think you will still go ahead when this other treatment is finished?

Alison - it must be so difficult. Don’t know how you cope.


Jude yourre not eostrogen positive so thats a good thing ive been led to believe in terms of future pregnancy. My ONC catergorically says i can never have any more kids as i am e positive and she said it would feed my cancer…nothing like a harsh german dr to put thw wind up you. I would think that if you are negative like you that wouldnt happen and if you are under 40 your fertility should return. my periods havent stopped or been delayed and im on chemo 5 now.

good luck with what you decide


Hi Jude…I know some happy and some sad outcomes but like Evie I would have thought it was ‘better’ news that you are er-.
I’ve been on various treatments since 2003, like Alison I have bone mets. I used to have monthly jabs to stop my periods whilst on Tamoxifen and Arimidex. I had 5 years of these injections and on starting my first chemo my Onc thought it would very unlikely I would have anymore periods…I was 50…mmm yes !!50!! this year…but my periods did return during chemo!
Good Luck…some tough decisions for you.
This, I think, is a hopeful story,
With Love, Belinda…x