Pregnant and newly diagnosed, looking to hear from others who have been in same situation.

I’m 27 and 10 weeks pregnant, recently diagnosed with a grade 3 IDC. I’m patiently waiting for my surgery date, provisionally it’s been put down for the 25th March. I’m going in for a lumpectomy and then will need 4 months of chemo followed by 4 weeks of radiotherapy. It’s all a bit of a blur and would love to hear from anyone who has gone through this while pregnant or those of you not pregnant and had same type. I already have a 4 yr old and 7 month old (crazy to be having a 3rd) and just looking for some peace of mind. Thanks :slight_smile: x

Hi Cara,welcome to the Forum.Sorry you have found yourself here,must be very hard to enjoy your pregnancy amongst all of this .There is a section in the "people like me " section of the website “younger women and families” where you may like to post also if you are looking to link up with women in a similar situation.Jill

You may also want to ring the helpline here to discuss the implications of treatment when you are pregnant .

Hello Cara. I haven’t been in your position so can’t share knowledge but wanted to send you my love and best wishes Cathy x