Pregnant following breast rapidly growing breast..

Hi all, quick question any advice or anyone else in similar situation?
Diagnosed with G3 hormone +ive breast cancer in 2008 when 25yrs old. Had usual chemo, herceptin, radio, mastectomy (LD recon), tamoxifen and zoladex.
Now 4 months pregnant and growing, but obviously only one breast is…any advice on what sort of bra I should go for?
Any help/advice much appreiated

Hi Charlie

Whilst you await replies you are welcome to call our helpline for further support and information, lines are open 9-5 during the week and 10-2 today on 0808 800 6000

Take care


Hi Charlie…not in the same situation as you but my breast grew enormously recently during 5 weeks of radiotherapy anf i needed a comfortable bra, particularly for underneath my mother of the bride outfit which zipped on my ‘poorly’ side!!! Someone - on here I think - recommended the Bravado maternity range at John Lewis…I bought one and it worked a treat! Soooooo soft and comfortable and accommodated my one normal sized breast and one humungous one! Am still wearing it now some 3 weeks after end of radiotherapY and may never take it off :slight_smile: Hope this helps? How exciting for you…good luck with your pregnancy and take care xo

Thank you for that I will check john Lewis out!

Aaaw! Charlie! Many congrats!!
It’s so wonderful to hear of girls who go on to have babies as I’m desperately hoping I’m able to one day.
I can’t help with bras etc but was just wondering whether you completed the full 5 years of Tamoxifen or stopped early?
I hope you manage to find some good bras and that the pregnancy goes well.

Hi Charlie
I had my little boy two months ago and had exactly the same problem as you. One mega boob and one nice little sedate reconstructed one! I went to John Lewis and they were absolutely fantastic, giving me great advice and fitting bras to me that hid the difference in size using a combination of inserts and ‘chicken fillets’. I used the Bravado maternity range from John Lewis and still am - they’re very comfy and very disguising. A month after stopping breast feeding my breast is getting back to its normal size.
Congratulations on your pregnancy, it’s such an exciting time. I hope it all goes well.
Take care