Hi. Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

I’m feeling a bit down this weekend. Frustrated with the fact I haven’t got a chemo start date yet or even got an appointment to see the oncologist. To everyone who is having chemo or had chemo, is there anything you did or wish you had done prior to starting that I could do just to give myself some feeling of being in control of what I am going through?

Cassie x

Good idea WF for a thread. I can’t help because I am in a similar position but will be watching this closely.



If you go on to the Going Through Treatment section and then post on the Chemotherapy thread, I know you havent started yet but I am sure you will get loads of help, support and information on there which will help you prepare for your chemo.


Helena xxx

Hi Cassie
Also if you go on the September chemo starters, some ladies have posted some excellent lists of things to buy and what to consider before starting treatment.
Sue xx

Hi Cassie, I got my dental check up brought forward and dentist organised a scale and polish to ensure mouth was at its best before treatment i also cooked soups and meals for freezer and just got as organised as I could, should I be out of action (which I haven’t really been) I also packed a bag with Pjs, toiletries etc if i should have to go into hospital. ( when my appendix burst a few years ago husband and son packed a bag with oldest Pjs no shower gel and no undies!!!) Hope this helps and good luck. Xx