Preparing for Herceptin

Hi, I am to start chemo alongside Herceptin on the 18th. I know next to nothing about any of this! Are there any do’s or don’ts beforehand or anything I can do to help prepare myself physically? Ive read about it not being good for the heart and have a family history of heart disease. Seen something on taking supplements but wouldn’t know where to start. Thanks x

Hello Karen,


I have just answered you post on the other thread but have something to say about this too.


The supplements you want are pycnogenol and CoQ 10.


The combined one they mention is hard to get but you can get them separately from Amazon. I get the Ubiquinol 100mg because that is supposed to be absorbed better.


My first echo scan was 55% and my second was 60% I took the supplements a week after the first one because they said if mine dropped to 50% they would not give me Herceptin. They already stopped my chemo because my blood counts got too low! My last (4th so far) was 67%


I am taking these: