Preparing for Rads

Preparing for Rads

Preparing for Rads Hi All
Does anyone have any tips they can share about preparing for Rads ?
I’m starting 6 weeks of Rads, 30 visits in all travelling to Bristol by train and am going on holiday to Walt Disney World in Florida 4 weeks and 3 days after my treatment finishes.

Viv xx

Drink lots of water before and after each session, lots of aqueous cream 3 times a day dont forget under breast where it joins chest[I neglected that and skin split].Get a very soft bra with no wires or better still go without.Try to rest as much as poss, you will feel tired.Rads really is ok esp after chemo.Remember to keep out of sun on Val

Thx Thanks for that, I’ve been agonising whether I will be recovered enough or, my skin recovered enough to cope with the trek around Disney lol .
I’m v lucky as I haven’t had chemo as I had a DCIS and had a high grade result.

Viv x


can I ask a huge favour please.

can you come back after your trip to let me know how you got on with the flight and the walking around the parks etc.

I am in the middle of chemo then will have rads and would like to go to Florida in December - about 6 weeks after last rads. reading other posts I’m thinking that I may not be able to go in a swimming pool depending if there is any burning but knowing my luck I’ll have burns after rads but Florida is the best place for a holiday as i dont fancy a beach holiday without a swimming pool

have a brill time and give Mickey Mouse a kiss from me

You will be fine Bellah - I had rads 17 years ago and am sure the procedure has improved since then. I didn’t think I was getting tired until it was finished and then maybe it was just relief. I went on holiday a month after to the Maldives and felt great. Kept a T-shirt on while swimming for the first week and then thought to hell with it! Be kind to yourself during rads and try and get lots of sleep and avoid stressful situations.
Good luck.

Thx Thx for all the great advice.
I have decided to go and will report on how I got on when i get back can’t resist Mickey and friends lol !!!
I think the travelling on the train to treatment every day for 30 visits is what I think is daunting