Prescription Charges - anyone got the form yet?

Hello Everyone

Since the change in the law regarding exemption from prescription charges I’ve been trying to get hold of someone at my surgery who knows what I am talking about.

There’s plenty of stuff on the web on what one should do but when it comes to getting the message across at the surgery I’ve drawn a blank. I know the form I need but getting my hands on one is proving difficult. Has anyone struck oil and managed to get registered for exemption for their cancer drugs???

If so, how did you do it???



I got my exemption card through yesterday. I filled in a form at my drs surgery about 2 wks ago. They didnt have the new form so they just gave me the one they use for diabetes/thyroid and hand wrote a cancer box. This was obviously good enough!!

Lucky you. I did exactly the same as you did; My GP signed it, but the surgery manager sent me the form back stating, I could not apply before April.
I have downloaded the info from the internet; I now intend to go to my surgery with all the info and ask them to finally add the surgery’s stamp and send it away.
I don’t blame them really. 24 hours before the announcement, I knew about this change to the charge (thanks to this site) but my GP did not.

My doctor signed my form and said that I must not post it until 9th February for it to be ready for april.


My surgery had both forms , the old and the new one with the added box to tick for cancer, my GP signed mine and sent it off last week so hopefully i will get the exemption back sometime soon . The form did say not to be used to Feb 9th so bit worried they may have sent it too early , hope it doesnt get sent back.
Best Wishes


Went to my doctor’s last week to get a form asked my doctor and he looked at me with a blank face, I told him it was front page news the week before and on tv but he didn’t know anything about it. Went out to reception with me and asked them they didn’t know anything either he asked them to check it out, the receptionist took my phone no got a phone call from her the next day the health centre manager knows nothing about the new forms and they have left it at that.

I managed to get exemption certificate easily,but only because I developed diabetes as a result of chemo :slight_smile:

My suggestion to anyone who is having probs getting the form to fill in is to do what i did.
My surgery had no idea what i was talking about,and were going to give me a no to ring i think it was NHS. I insisted they ring and get the forms. They did, and took my name and address and i got the form sent to me Friday.
I have to fill it in and take it back to the surgery then the GP signs it and they send it off.


Hi All

Fascinating discussion. I am trying my luck on Monday at my GP and will let you know how I get on!



I filled in the form at my surgery 2 weeks ago (they were well informed about it) and my card arrived in the post this morning. Very efficient.

Hi i dont mean to be stupid but is the free prescriptions for anyone who has had breast cancer r is it for further stages cancer marykate

yes was easy, filled in form at GP surgery, they sent it off and got card about 10 days -2 weeks later. I had expected the exemption to cover just my cancer drugs but the letter with the card says all prescriptions are now free! Thas a bonus. But cant be used before April 1st

Hi Everyone

Saw my doctor last Tuesday and yes he knew what I was talking about. He had the new forms and completed one there and then. It’s gone off and I await my certificate.

Many thanks.


Phew. Am feeling more hopeful about my chances on Monday now. Thanks everyone. Hadn’t renewed my PPC because of this. But will still let you know how it goes.



I posted my form last Monday and had the exemption card which is valid from April 1st for 5 years back by the following Friday. Granted I did have trouble getting the initial form to apply but my Doctor’s receptionist was more than helpful.

None at all round here at the mo (GPs or chemists), so I’ll have to keep asking. At least the prescription I picked up the other day is for 2 months’ worth of tablets !

I work for a GP surgery and we didn’t have any! However I got them to contact the local PCT - they had them within 3 days! If any of you are still struggling I would suggest you ask the surgery to chase the PCT. Bear in mind though that, as they are not valid until 1st April there is still plenty of time, so don’t worry too much yet - just don’t forget!

I handed my own form into my doctor on 27th Jan and got my card within 5 days of applying. In fact I suggest you do it now anyway if you can as I suspect they are expecting a deluge at the time. It is valid from 1st April for ALL prescriptions.

Don’t forget if you already have a Pre-Payment Certificate to apply for a refund from them.

Love Caz xxx

Hi All

No luck with the exemption certificate this morning! He says they don’t have the forms yet. But he did give me two months in advance (my PPC runs out tomorrow) which will take me through to April. By then he reckons they should have the forms and it can all be sorted. Just have to keep checking in at the surgery! So not to panic yet…




I’ve just had my zoladex jab and was given my form to fill out, got to send it back to the docs and then fingers crossed.
Good luck, I did ask my local chemist last month and they hadnt hear a thing which considering its a Rowlands I was amazed at their lack of knowledge!!!

S x

PS Hi Dilys hope you are well.

Hi Custard

Yes I am fine and lovely to trip over you on here again! Are you ok my dear? Will let you know when I finally get the exemption certificate. Was ok before with the PPC but there you go…