Primary breast cancer chemo

I have just had 2 ops one WLE which had 8mm of invasive ductal cancer which was grade 3 and one op to test my lymph nodes. The lymph nodes are clear but I have to see the oncologist on Tuesday to discuss having chemo because of having a grade 3 removed. I also will be having radiotheraphy after the chemo.
Has anybody else been in the same situation and have you got any advice.
Weeannie x

I had a grade 3, 2cm BC with clear lymph nodes and i had chemo and rads because of the grade and my age (32).
Its doable (just!) and i felt that if the consultants wanted me to do it, then it was the right thing to do.

good luck

I had grade 1 cancer, 15mm. 3/7 lymph nodes affected. Consultant said cancer was behaving like a grade 2 or 3, so I had WLE, have started chemo and will be having axillary clearance then radiotherapy and tamoxifen. First chemo has been manageable and less horrible than I’d imagined - we can do this!I’ll be having next and final (i hope) op after 2nd chemo. I’m older than you (55) but want all the treatment I can get!

hi all just to say im waiting for chemo to start mines grade 3 lymphs clear just feel realy keen to get appointment to get things moving. goodluck to u all

Weeannie, as above…
I had a stage 2, 30mm IDC, no lymph node involvement and am 41 years young.
I had my surgery a few weeks ago and start chemo on the 9th of April. I am viewing it as a belts and braces approach. I dont want to spend the next few years worrying that I didnt do all that I could.
Also, great comfort that every lady on here who has had chemo has said that it is doable - there is a great thread on tips for chemo.
Best wishes

Hi oscarbailey
Thanks for your kind words. I am going to see the oncologist on Tuesday with a better frame of mind. let me know how you get on and i will do the same.
Love Anne x

Hi sharon 43
Thanks for your post. I am like you and just want to get started and get on with my life. i am seeing the oncologist on Tuesday with a better frame of mind. Keep in touch
Love Anne x

Hi evie2007
Glad to hear from you. It is good to hear from somebody that has had the same experience. Hope you are feeling better. Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing
Love Weeannie.

hi sandripples
Thanks for replying to my post. I hope your next op is your last. I have had 2ops within 3 weeks of one another and know what it is like going in and out of hospital. your experience has given me lots of help when seeing the onologist on Tuesday.
Hope everything goes well for you.
Love Weeannie

Hi Weeannie, hope your doing ok. I had a grade 3, 3cm tripple neg, no lymph nodes involved. It was removed with a WLE in Jan. Because of my age (29) and because it’s tripple neg I’ve got a course of 6 x FEC and then 15 Rads. I had my first chemo on the second of March and I’ve got my next one on Wed.

I’m not going to lie to you chemo aint fun, but you can get through it. I only had one rough day where I was sick a couple of times, after that I felt a bit woozy and very tired for a few more days. But I’ve had two weeks of being back to normal, little bit tired maybe, but other than that all good. Everyone is different so it is very personal. I will say be nice to yourself through it. The first couple of days were quite tough emotionally but after that you will feel better. I remember wondering how I would every manage another one, but now I’m ready to take it on again. I’m even back on my wine!!

I will say if your side effects do get a bit rough phone your nurse, they can move your meds around or offer you other things so please don’t put up with it because you don’t have to.

Have you been offered the cold cap? If so what do you think? I’ve given it a go and I’ve started to loose a few hairs but nothing to speak of so far. Fingers crossed!

Wishing you all the best of luck.

Kells x

Weeannie i have finished treatment. Finished chemo end sept then rads end of november. Back to work and almost feel normal…almost!
Hair is ridiculous and untameable but better than being bald (just).
Ive lost my chemo weight and i am getting fit.
Its taken time. Didnt really feel well till mid january and i still get very tired all of a sudden.

Good luck and ask the nurse for every med going so you dont feel too ill.


Hi Weeannie

I was grade 3 with one lymph node. Just finished chemo and start rads in 2 wks. Ditto to what the others have said. It’s not pleasant but the alternative is unthinkable. I viewed chemo as my best friend at the time. I have now dumped chemo for my new best friend radiotherapy!

Julia xx

Hi Julia
Thanks for your post. It is great to talk to someone who has just finished chemo and starting rads. How long did you have chemo for and how many rads are you getting.
Anne xx

Hi kells
Thanks for your kind words and good advice about the chemo. It is good to speak to someone who knows what it is like. I will take all of your advice and if I feel rough i will get help.
I will be speaking to the oncologist and nurse on Tuesday so I will let you know if i am offered the cold cap.
Hope your next chemo goes well. Keep in touch.
Weeannie xx

Hi weeannie

Ihad 3 FEC then 3 Tax. This seems to be that standard for my type of cancer, which is hormone sensitive. I’m having 15 rads but amount less than usual as on a trial. It is good to be moving towards the light at the end of tunnel!!

Julia xx

I have saw the oncologist and I am to start FEC chemo in 2 weeks time 6 cycles.I then have to have 20 rads after that.Any advice would be most helpful.
Also I had a holiday booked when I should get my last chemo, is it okay to change the week of when I get the chemo.
Love Weeannie xx

Ah at least a plan is in place.

Chemo wise you can move weeks about as long as its 3 weeks+ in between but i would say that by the end of chemo you may not feel like a holiday! Is it insured? Just a thought.
take care


hiya weeannie

i had chemo last year and had a holiday booked during it but had to cancel it as it would have meant deferring my chemo by 2 weeks… which my onc said wasnt going to be acceptable… by the time it came to my holiday time i was feeling like poop anyway and the last thing i would have wanted to do really is get on flight to spain.

as yours is at the end of treatment you may feel a bit zombified at that time however loads of folk are actually glad to get away and enjoy a holiday and a different scene from the chemo ward… i would take your advice from your onc.

but do contact you travel insurance company and say you will be on treatment and you wont know how your going to be feeling by then.

good luck with the chemo too… i didnt find it too bad really just a bit knackering but wasnt anywhere as bad as expected… even found losing my hair quite liberating.

love Lulu xx

Hi Weeannie,
Just wanted to say that although my hair is falling out I am not finding it traumatic. The scalp gets rather sore for a few days but I had my hair cut (well nearly shaved) this morning to half an inch as it was falling out pretty copiously yesterday. Today I feel more comfortable and in control and my beannie hats are a great new look! So the cold cap is not vital in my opinion, but I realise everyone feels differently about their hair. For me, I want the chemo to get into every inch of my body, I don’t want any additional discomfort and I know my hair will re-grow, so I feel OK about losing it for a few months.

Hi evie2007
Thanks for your reply. I just want to get my chemo started now, and go along the next step of the journey.
Thanks for your advice on holidays it is good to talk to somebody who knows what I am going through.
How are you doing just now.
Love Anne x