Primary cancer, no recurrence, no mets?

Hello everyone.
Do you think I’m correct to assume that people who have had one incidence of primary cancer which was successfully eradicated, and who ‘never’ had a recurrence or any metastisis, simply wouldn’t be appearing in these posts because they, luckily, were able to put the experience behind them and never had cause to involve themselves in the cancer world again ?
As terrifically supportive and important as these forums are, they do give the impresson that once bitten, forever doomed.
I am looking for hope, having had quite radical treatment to clear Invasive Lobular Cancer, that there’s a chance I will never succumb again.
Any thoughts ?
Thank you.


Hello @MistyK

Well done on coming through your treatment

These forums are for anyone and everyone who is or has or has not been affected by a breast cancer diagnosis at anytime who is looking for help and support and wants to get in touch with others who may have had similar experiences, there are lots of other chats as well!

It is entirely natural for human beings to seek out help when they are having problems with anything in life and not necessarily come onto forums and shout “life is fantastic!” (There are plenty of other places on the internet to do that apparently :thinking:)

Unfortunately there are no guarantees in life and moving forward after a diagnosis and treatment can for some people prove more difficult than the treatment itself

If you feel like you would like some support BCN offer fantastic Moving Forward courses which can really help if you want it

AM xxx

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Oh absolutely yes. I have a friend who had lobular cancer over 5 years ago who has had breast reconstruction and is thriving. Pretty sure she doesn’t come on here too often, if at all.
I’ve stopped coming on as much due to the sad stories as well, finding it difficult in terms of moving forward mentally. I have to believe that my cancer won’t return (even though I know it might).


Thank you both for your contributions and ‘positives’, adoptedmanc and KellyCol77.
I am thinking I may hop onto a Moving Forward event at some point.

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A wee positive story for you….
I myself was diagnosed with breast cancer in Feb 2022 and as scary as it was I took great comfort knowing that yes, it can be beaten and No, it doesn’t always come back.
I work as a home carer and one of my service users was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1991. I couldn’t honestly say what type she had but she underwent a full mastectomy etc and had no evidence of metastasis.
Well…. She turns 92yrs old in November!
She’s living proof that, for some, there is most definitely life after breast cancer. :smiling_face:


Hi, I was diagnosed with mixed invasive ductal & lobular in December 2010. Typically mixed bc at the time meant ductal was the primary; after my mx and immediate reconstruction my lobular was diagnosed as the primary. That meant I was borderline chemo and I made the choice to go ahead. Wonderful that diagnosis, assessment have progressed & treatment options have become so much more targeted. 10 years of tamoxifen finished 2 years ago. Still here and so far so good :crossed_fingers: my only flag is to not ignore any bleeding or spotting x

Thank you Pentland_girl and mfb for helping to nudge the scales a little closer xx