Princess 18 (RE:Princess Daisy!)

Hi Kelly,
Been on the cavalier site to look at Daisys parents, soooooooooooooo want one they are so gorgeous and cute. Bet you were really disapointed to hear you had another 2 wks to wait, never mind it will soon pass and then she will be running riot through your house!! Burt and Dolly look so adorable, she has obviously come from great stock, very good looking! I had a Jack Russell for 14 years, she was brill really miss her, but she was so good as a pup, used to have a box full of her toys in the living room, and she never chewed anything just stuck to the box of toys, thank goodness.
Bet she will be the most pampered pooch ever, and why not you deserve her after everything you have been through. The new house sounds great hope you are really happy there the three of you!!
Speak soon Kelly and hope you are O.K, Let me know when Princess Daisy arrives.

Hi Kelly,

Pups are so rewarding. I gt a puppy Bichon Frise 3 months ago (phoebe) after finishing treatment and she is my soul mate. She has put so much joy and happiness into our hearts and makes all the treatment seem such a thing of the past.

Hope you enjoy every minute of her,

Take care,

Mandy xxx

Hi Kelly,
I have a cavalier too they are absolutley fantastic dogs (this is my second) my first was a girl called honey and now i have a boy called bailey hes 10 mths old now ,once you have one youll be hooked , Ive always had Blenheims but would like a Tri one now too ahhhhh . Be prepared to share your your best chair and bed though cos cavis always like their luxuries . ( think its the royalty bit ha) did you know cavis can go in to any public places, king charles made this law and it still holds today . They love a sardine mixed in their food its good for there joints as toy dogs can be known to sometimes get knee problems, they also love tripe which is full of minerals for cavies . A very good tip i got from a show breeder of cavaliers is to buy some (Thornit) can buy it online ,cavies have closed ears and are prone to itchy ears /mites so a very light dusting of the ears with a artist brush every mth prevents them getting any its brilliant. (Dont tell your vet though cos they charge 40 pounds for ear drops and and they dont work) Cavaliers realy are fantastic dogs and im sure youll be hooked too.
All the best
Lindiloo x

I’m desperate to get a puppy, I’d love a Yorkshire Terrier - I love cats and did have a beautiful Silver Tabby - she was the love of my life, but she was run over and killed 3 days after I was diagnosed in August 07 and I still miss her dreadfully. but I can’t bring myself to get another cat, as I would be constantly worried everytime it went out - I had visions of myself having to go out with it, and I’m in no shape to jump fences and climb trees!

So, I am going to wait until I have finished my radiotherapy and start looking out for a new little fur baby - he / she could never replace Babs the one I lost, but will be just as therapeutic for me and help some way in my recovery.

Good luck to you all,

tracy xx

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