Private mammograms

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I had primary BC at 47 and my Mum has just died of secondary Bc aged 78. My dad and grandad both died of lung cancer and my auntie of bowel cancer. I have a sister of 46, I encouraged her to go to her GP, they were quite dismissive of her at first but have now referred her to the Genetics Clinic but in another town 40 miles away.

I have suggested that she just goes to the local private hospital and pays for a mammogram as she will soon be in the NHS screening programme anyway. How much does a private mammo cost, does anyone know?

just googled and it seems they cost around £300 in 2007.

with your family history as it stands your sister would most likely be at a moderately increased risk of bc because you had developed BC under the age of 50, in scotland she would be offered annual screening to age 50 and then would go on the national screening programme.

lung and bowel cancers havent been found to have any links with the known genetic breast cancer genes, but the genetics department5 would check to see if there were any links with any other types of cancer genes… they do all sorts of genetics not just breast/ovarian cancers.

the english criteria is a bit different so if mum was under 63 at the time of diagnosis your sis would fit with the english screening programme of average age 50.

this is the criteria for screening under 50s in england…


Hi Lady Chatterbox.
My sister has been having private screens for the past 2 years. As we are in England and she is at moderate risk (no BRACA gene, I’m the only first degree relative with bc) she won’t get NHS screening until she is 40, but it was suggested by my onc that she enquire about private screens, which she did and was recommended by the onc at her local unit that she have this. The hospital unit produced some research findings last month which may be interesting to you
I’m not sure how much it is, £200-£300 rings a bell, but I can find out and post again.
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I have private mammograms every year at our local Nuffield hospital.Mammo costs £90 and consultation with my surgeon about the same again.An ultrasound was £240.These figures are from Nov 2009.