Private Ultrasound scans

Private Ultrasound scans

Private Ultrasound scans Does anyone have any experience of paying pivately for routine breast screening with ultra sound scanning?
I had my first 6 month check up yday with my surgeon & asked him if I would have USS rather than mammograms ( Im pre - menopausal & the evidence is for USS rather than mammograms), but he said no, only if they picked something up on mammogram would I then have an USS.
Id love to know if anyone pays for USS privately & give me a rough idea of cost?
Many Thanks,
Kathryn x

Hi Kathryn My original cancerous lump didn’t show up at all on my mammogram. It did show up on my ultrasound - although it was supposed to be a benign fibroadenoma. My consultant knows that because of my experience I have no faith in mammograms and at my yearly check-up agreed that I could have a private ultrasound (as well as the mammogram) - I think it was about £150. A lot of money but in my mind worth it for a little more (not complete!) peace of mind.

Hope this helps.


bjj xx

Thanks Bjj Thats very helpful.
I have no faith in mammograms & will probably ask for USS.
Thanks again,