"probably benign"

I had a lump removed two weeks ago that I was told was ‘probably benign’ from the core biopsy. The consultant removed the lump surgically because he wanted to be 100% sure it definately was benign. I get the results this afternoon, and even tho the consultant seemed pretty certain that it’s nothing to worry about, I have an awful nagging feeling at the back of my mind.

Please send good vibes to me, I am just about scared to bits about going for these results!

Hi good luck with your results, the worst part is the waiting. Im sure if they used the word benign then it will most certainly will be. Good luck


Good vibes and a big big hug to you. I remember that meeting of mine as if it were yesterday. Thinking of you - E x

Vibes from Scotland winging their way to you now! All the best.

Kind thoughts


Vibes winging there way from nottingham too, fingers and toes crossed too xxx

And vibes from the west country too! Good luck.

Esme x

Hope and fingers crossed for good news coming from Swindon!xxxxTina

Everything’s crossed here in Glasgow!! Hope your results are good…sending good vibes…

Fiona xxx