Probiotics - yes or no.

Hi there.
I was just wanting to pick the collective brains to help me decide what to do about probiotics whilst on chemo. I’ve read it can be protective against chemo induced diarrhoea BUT it is advised on all my chemo handouts from hospital to avoid probiotics on chemo. How risky is it to have a probiotic drink or capsule compared to the risk of horrendous diarrhoea anyway? Any thoughts?
Usually I drink shop bought kefir daily.
Thanks, Cath

I asked and was told definitely not to take as they are live and can cause infection. X

I make home made kefir really easy do try it.


Anyway when I was on chemo I fasted - Google Valter Longo. I had not tummy issues, no cold sores, no thrush and all in all had far fewer side effects than most.

I tried the fasting but it made my bilirubin shoot up so high chemo was deferred for a week! Turns out I have Gilbert’s syndrome so have been advised an no uncertain terms not to try it again! Oh well - I gave it a good go.
I think I will persevere with the kefir - might stick to shop bought as I’m terrified of growing something untoward if I try to do it myself!
Cath x

I drank kefir every day through chemo - had pretty much no stomach related side effects (including the constipation with FEC or the diarrhoea with Docetaxel).  Mine’s home made because I felt more in control of what went into it (used organic whole milk and they were my own carefully nurtured kefir grains:smileyhappy:).

Fab news. I am one day post first TCH P
And already have diarrhoea so need all I can to help I that department!