problem eye test - brain mets?

I am rather anxious as I recently had a routine eye test and my vision had barely changed but the optician has refered me to the hospital has there are abnormalities at the back of one eye.

He re-did the eye pressure test which was abnormally low, and he said because of my 'history, i.e. BC, he is just being cautious. When I asked him what it could be I felt he was being evasive, he just said lets wait and see what the further tests show.

Is this paranoia? I do sometimes get a shooting pain in my temple on the same side as the dodgy eye too.

Has anyone had these symtoms and could it be brain mets? As we all know, it’s the not knowing that causes us alarm and I am wondering should I be chasing this up? I am certainly not sleeping too well since.

Have a routine app with surgeon in 3 wks but don’t want to wait that long.