Problem with hands after taxotare and on heceptin

Hi Everyone

Just wondering if anyone else is have this problem and should I be worried.
Had 3 FEC and 3 Taxotare, finished Feb07. For the past two months have become aware when I wake in the morning the joints in my hands ie knuckles and finger joints are stiff. Both hands are effected. There is no numbness or tingling just archy joints. Gets better after half an hour or so and then throught the day just a bit sore. I can do everything with them but when I drive just aware of it slightly. I am not on any hormone stuff just the heceptin. I have read that heceptin causes joint pain, but just keen to hear from others.



I know herceptin can cause joint pains - the people who have said this said have usually described it in their lower joints. The symptoms to me sound like carpel tunnel syndrome - my friend (non bc) has suddenly developed that and she describes the same symptoms as you. I would go to the gP and get it checked out.
Hope all goes well

Thanks for your comment. Good point, I am going to the hospital on Monday so will bring it up.

Love Geraldine

Hi Geraldine

I finished Taxotere in May 07 I had 4 doses and I am currently not taking Herceptin or Tamoxofin. I am having the same problem too my hands are quite achy and painful when I wake up in the morning or if they have been idle for a little while I also feel it in my feet too and generally feel quite stiff and old all over (I am 36 yrs old) I have an appointment with my oncologist next week and I will ask him then but if you or anyone else has these are they the norm?

Hope this helps you are not alone let me know what the hospital says and I hope it eases up for you.

Take Care


Hi Lisa

I was seen by my GP and also by my team yesterday. They think the achy finger joints are either the Taxotere or the Heceptin or both!!! Who know’s. Anyway I have had my hands x rayed and am awaiting the results later this week. So Iwill let you know what happens.

Love Geraldine

I finished Taxotere on June 13th and some days I have a slight numbness and tingling in my fingertips and toes. I didn’t actually experience it when I was on the drug. Unfortunately, there was a mishap with my very last cycle as my vein punctured leaking the chemo. I ended up spending a week in a hospital room with a very badly blistered hand (they thought it might be shingles at first, hence being in a room on my own). Turned out it was a chemo burn, but they had never seen that level of reaction. Have since seen a plastic surgeon and am waiting to see a dermatologist now.

Hello Geraldine - just seen your post. I also had 3 x FEC and 3 x Taxotere and finished on 1st May. I’ve had 3 Herceptin so far. I noticed the joint pain and stiffness immediately with the first Herceptin especially in my legs but I’ve also got some pain and stiffness in my hands - the bit at the bottom of each thumb is the worst part.

I’ve now started Aromasin as well which I know can also cause stiffness and it has got worse since starting Aromasin but I’m quite sure it started with the Herceptin.
Love Anthi

hi everyone i have had 6 x fec which finished on 24th april and recently just finished almost four weeks of radiotherapy, im also gettin pain in my hands, and up close to my elbows this is on both arms, it gets real bad at night although i feel it a lot durin the day too, when i first get up in the mornin i cant even straighten out my hands or shower and get dressed until i have moved around a bit and taken pain killers, i get a lot of stiffness in my legs too which makes it hard to get up from any sittin position, im seein my doctor on 31st july