Problems again........

Problems again…

Problems again… Hi all.

I’m afraid I’m getting a bit concerned about the situation with my sister again.

Thing is, I got an email the other day and she is talking about how she is crossing the number of days off before she gets back from abroad for good. In the message she said she had ordered some things which she was having sent to the house for us to keep for her (I have a few important personal items of hers like papers stored here, we also forward all of her mail as it is sent to us). I don’t seem to have got through to her that we’re not going to be able to take her in next spring. I really don’t want to have a family fall out about this. She sometimes writes about coming home to look after me and I don’t want this at all (I could think of no worse nurse lol!)

I had quite bad fatigue Mon/Tues resulting in a bit of bed rest, plus I was turned down for benefits yesterday, so I’m feeling a bit vulnerable.

Hi Cherub You need to spell it out to her in words of one sylabul. You really do need to get though to her that your needs are greater than hers at the moment. You don’t need the stress of this. Perhaps you can get other members of your family to talk to her .

Perhaps a bit of family upset now will save more trouble for you later on when you are further into your treatment and less able to deal with her.

I hope you manage to get the message across to her.

Hugs to you


you say she is crossing of the days before she gets home and that she has ordered some things to be delivered to your house. that doesn’t meen that she is assuming to stay with you surely.
tell her in an e mail that your husband is insisting that he is more than capable of caring for you and does not want any help although the offer is very kind.
what about asking her if she would like you to start looking at places she might be able to rent when she comes back? you will probably be to tired to do that and if your lucky she will realise that you mean business about her not staying with you.
hope it gets sorted.
sharon. x