problems since tissue expander surgery

Hi there, I hope maybe someone will be able to give me some advice. I had a tissue expander put in 3 weeks ago and since then I have had so many problems. Initially all was going well but when I went for my post op check last week they decided to start inflating. Do they normally do it that close to surgery? I was only 13 days post op. Since then I’ve developed a wound infection, my breast has swollen up and I have got considerable discomfort. My GP is treating me with antibiotics and I am due to see PS on Thurs.
Has anyone else had similar problems or is this normal post inflation? One concern I have is that when they were ‘blowing me up’ I never felt anything, they told me that I would feel tightness etc but I didnt and initially there wasnt any noticable change in the size but now there is.
Any ideas anyone???
Thanks for your help
Take care

Hi Fiona,

I had ld flap with expander put in 7 weeks ago. My first inflation was also done two weeks after op, with 50mls saline. That was fine.
Two weeks later another 50mls - that wasnt fine, tightness and feeling of cramp in side after for days.
They were going to make me ano apt for 2 weeks, but luckily my plastic surgeon came in and said, we have to take it slowly, so i go in another month. However, i will not let them put another 50mls in and will suggest half as much, as now i know what my body can take.

It is your body - you make the decision.
Good luck.
Rosie x

Hi Rosie
Thanks for your advice. I’m gonna wait and see what PS says on thurs I think. I’m gonna take your advice about how much they put in, I’ve got extensive scar tissue from previous surgery so maybe its that that is causing the problem so will ask them to leave it another week or so before they inflate again to give scar and infection a chance to settle and will ask them to put less in than before.
Thank you so much
Take care

I had 3 lots of 50mls put in with 2 week intervals and it was uncomfortable for about 5 days. After the last time I had to go back for some taken out as it was painful. My ps said it was the tube and it is visible under the skin. I also feel the expander has shifted as I can feel wrinkles at the side as well as the tube.I go into hospital in 2 weeks to get the tube removed and a fold made under the breast to make a natural droop. The breast is higher than the other one so I was given a strap to wear to push the fluid down. I must admit I really can’t visualise the outcome and I have a feeling I’m going to be disappointed with it and feel quite tearful about it.I have expressed my views but have been assured it will be ok. Could someone who has finished this type of reconstruction and happy with it give me some confidence that it will be ok?
Best wishes
Wilson x