problems with eyes

problems with eyes

problems with eyes Hi everyone

Has anyone had any problems with their eyes since being on chemo, or when they started Tamoxifen.

I wear contact lenses and have noticed my eyes becoming blurry quite often when I had my chemo, but since starting Tamoxifen last week my one eye is very sore and not focusing.

Having a bit of a panic as I have been in contact with my mum who has shingles 7 days ago.

but also I am due for an eye test and contact lens test, maybe the chemo has damaged my lens?




When you go to the optician it is worth mentioning that you are on Tamoxifen as my optican said that long-term use of Tamoxifen can cause side effects to the eyes. Although in your case you have only started to use it recently and it may be dryness caused by chemo.

Good Luck

I have noticed that my eyes go blurry now and again since having chemo.

It’s not all the time just every so often.

I’m also on Tamoxifen but noticed the blurryness before I started it.

Would be interested to hear what your optitian has to say


eyes Hi,
I was on carboplatin chemo last year (may-sept) then capecitabine, and now taxotere…and yes, my eyes are sometimes blurry. I get it around computer screens and water…i get a wierd kind of ripple in the back of my eye, out the sides…that lasts for a few minutes. I was getting very worried about it, and had an MRI on my brain, but that was all clear, so I am assuming it’s the chemo. ?? hope that helps,

Hi Diane Whilst on CMF i was told not to wear my contact lenses as my eyes would be very dry, but now on FEC no ones has mentioned it! My eyes do get dry towards the end of the day, so i just take my lenses out. But the weird thing is they are turning green!! i had really dark brown eyes & my sister noticed last week that they were changing colour! I think it’s the chemo, going to ask onc anyway.
good luck with the eye test.
Louise xx