Progesterone + and ovaries

I was wondering why we are not offered an oophrectomy (ovary removal) if we are PR+. From what I’ve read, progesterone is produced in the ovaries and mine was 8/8 PR+, as well as 8/8 ER+. Tamoxifen deals with the ER+ side of things but what about the progesterone…
Has anyone raised this with their Consultant? I’d be very interested to know the response.
thanks, Elinda x

Hi Elinda,
I think the tamoxifen deals with both ER+ and PR+.In pre menopausal women oestrogen and progesterone mainly comes from the ovaries.I am on tamoxifen and doctor said as my periods stopped on chemo and havn’t returned there was no need for overies to be taken.

Best wishes Mel xx

I’m the same as you Elinda, mine was both 8/8 positive. I am starting Tamoxifen after chemo, but I have also asked the question about Ovary removal as I am 29 so there is a chance my periods will return. I want to take out anything that may help it grow again!

I will have a discussion after chemo regarding this as I am keen to have it done regardless.



Hi all

I scored top marks on both Dec 05 and asked my onc after main treatment re removal of ovaries, she called it chemical castration and advised i didn’t need it as my periods hadn’t returned + I seemed to be getting the full S/E of the tamoxifen, ovary removal side effects are irreversible and perhaps best to keep it for another option just in case. (i used a few big guns for my primary incl tax and herceptin both of which had not been approved at that time).


Hi evreyone,
I’m 8/8 pr and er+,I’m 35 and have just started chemo,then will start tamoxifen.I asked my onc about removing ovaries,but he said he wouldn’t advise it,due to early menopause and all the symtoms that go with it.He told me to see how I get on on tamoxifen,and reassess at 40.I’d still like to know a bit more about this though

I will ask my surgeon when I have follow up at the end of the month and see what he says about the progesterone side of things.

As I had severe endometriosis for many years leading to bowel resection, hysterectomy etc I was worried that the tamoxifen may flare this up again. I’d read research on the internet to suggest that this can happen. My oncologist wasn’t worried, my GP wasn’t worried either but she’s great and wrote to my gynaecologist to be sure. I received an appointment to see him in May within the week. I have a feeling he may suggest an oophrectomy so we’ll see.

I do get a bit fed up at being treated like we don’t need to be told information. I’m a researcher by trade and of course I want to know how things work etc. I’d prefer an opt out of being told information rather than having to keep badgering for more detail.

elinda x

Hi Ladies

I was told that in pre-menopausal women even if you have your ovaries removed your pituitary gland will provide a small amount of oestrogen as our bones require this function. It is no where near what our ovaries produce but is an important part of the endocrine fuuction. My Oncologist and GP were both reluctant to encourage an oophrectomy because of the brittle bone risk seeing as I’m 45 at the moment and unlikely to have commenced natural menopause (my female family have all had periods into their late 50’s & 60’s). We also know someone who died from brittle bones and it is a highly unpleasant way to die so I’m not so sure it would be an option for me anyway.

Elinda - I would be interested to see what your Gynaecologist says as I had a hysterectomy 4 years ago beacuse of severe endometriosis but I was under the impression that this was not a condition I would suffer from anymore as I have no womb or uterus. If endometriosis is a risk I too will be heading straight back to GP for gynae appointment as I have just commenced Tamoxifen and just taken my third Tamoxifen pill and, like you, really do not want a flare either.

Leigh x

When I was dx in feb 08 with 100% er and pr, my onc put me on tamoxifen AND zoladex and said that at anytime i could stop the zoladex and have my ovaries removed instead. After 15 months zoladex, in july 09, i had this simple keyhole op as a day stay patient. For me this was the best thing, and the side effects have been no different to the few mild flushes i was already getting from tamox/zoladex. I take Adcal d3 and have regular bone density scans.

Thanks Lolly that’s good to know. Can I ask how long it took to recover from the keyhole ovary removal? Thanks, Elinda x

I went in at 8am, down to theatre at 10am and was home at 2pm. That evening I managed to hobble to my sons parents eve! A few days rest and I was driving after 5 days. Very simple op.

Thanks Lolly. feel less worried now if I have to have this done. After so much surgery the last few years I didn’t want to face something major again.
Elinda x