progression stable now

Hi everyone
The scan i had 3 months ago showed a slight progression with some of the mets on lung and liver. I am on herceptin been on it for 8 months now, the oncologist said he would look at next scan as what to do next . I was really upset as i thought the herceptin would work a bit longer than 8 months. I asked my oncologist if the next scan showed the cancer was stable would i have to still have chemo. He said its very unlikely to be stable as i have had a slight progression . Anyway i had my recent scan a week ago , had my results yesterday, i was so nervous , thought it would be worse and grown again, maybe even spread too. But to my surprise its stable, i dont understand how can it grow then suddenly stop ?I,m pleased but i also know it could change anytime . love to all carolm x

Hi Carol - so pleased that your results are good. Fingers crossed the progression will remain stable now. Love and hugs, Jean xx

Ours not to wonder why cancer grows and stops in such unpredictable ways…

Hope yours stays as it is for as long as possible for lots of quality chemo free time.


Hi Carol

Fantastic news! I know its hard to take in after such a switch of news, but as the others say, don’t query too much, just enjoy!!
Well Done
Love Kitkat