This is very interesting. I saw it on the midday news (East midlands today). Professor Robertson (who actually gave me my diagnosis) talks about a blood test that can identify cancers (some) 4 years before they start to grow into tumours. The Breast Institute, Nottingham is where I had my treatment one year ago.

Wow that sounds really good lets keep our fingers crossed its another definite breakthrough .Every little helps xx

Just to say that we can all do our bit in helping to find breakthroughs in the treatment of Breast Cancer. The Breakthrough Generations Study is the largest, most comprehensive scientific study into the causes of breast cancer and includes over 100,000 women from the UK.

In 2004 ago my sisters and I signed up for the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Generations study without realising that I would be diagnosed with breast cancer myself last March. All we had to do was to submit a questionnaire and blood samples with follow-ups over the years.

When I was diagnosed I gave permission for them to have access to my tissue samples which were removed during my surgery.

You can find out more about the study by following this link:-

The more women that take part then the more that can be done to find out more about breast cancer and its treatment.

Please sign up and persuade your family, friends and colleagues to do so too.

Mazzalou xxx

Definitely should be promoting that. Before I had my op I singed forms to say my tissue could be studied at the local uni so I maybe this is something we are doing anyway. But, if there is an ongoing site whereby you can go when you haven’t got it, I’m sure they’d have lots of people to volunteer if they knew.

We’ll spread the news - it has to be worth it!!


Well done Sassy and spread the word - the more the merrier and the better the research and its outcomes