prophylactic bilateral mastectomy

prophylactic bilateral mastectomy

prophylactic bilateral mastectomy Hi I’ve been looking at the site for a while now but only just joined and I’m wondering if anyone can offer me some advice.

I am in the process of arranging to see a plastic surgeon regarding elective mastectomy - I had Hodgkin’s Disease 20 years ago and was treated with radiotherapy and splenectomy, hence I have a significantly increased risk of developing breast cancer; as I have a little boy of (nearly) 4 I really feel this is the only option for me.

I have looked at what I think are all of the options regarding resonstruction and whilst I initially thought using my own donor tissue would be best, it now seems that in fact for me, it probably isn’t.

So…(gets there at last :slight_smile: ) can anyone share with me their experience of implants and trivial as this may sound, can I ask to have my breasts reconstructed smaller than they are - they’re pretty large at the moment and I can’t help but wonder if having big implants of a similar size will feel strange.

I’m very scared but am more scared of being diagnosed with cancer for a second time.

Thank you for reading and my thoughts are with everyone on this site.


Hi Sue

I had elective mastectomies - almost 8 weeks ago, I currently have tissue expanders and eventually will have implants. I have one more expansion to go. You may have seen some of my other postings in the last few days, I took a long time to decide what to do and I am delighted with my results so far. I was also surprised at how quickly I recovered and the pain was more discomfort than anything.

My size prior to surgery was 32/34e, not sure what size I am now but I am going to be a d cup, which my surgeon thinks is a good size for my shape and build and also the max he reckons he can get me to. I think with LD or TRAM you can get bigger results if you want them. I took it as an opportunity to have a smaller pair, always felt they were a bit big for my build !

Hope this helps…

Where abouts are you in the North ?

L x

Hi Lisa

Thanks for taking the time to answer me - I’m really glad your recovery is going well and that you are pleased with the results.

I am in Warrington - where did you have your surgery? - I think I’m being referred to Whiston.

Take care. and I hope you continue to improve! :slight_smile:

Sue x

Thanks Sue

I am near Blackpool and my surgery was done in Manchester.

If you have any other questions fire away !
L xx