Prophylactic Mastectomy

Hello ladies. I had BC in October 2005 and had a mastectomy with a LD flap reconstruction at Guildford for High Grade, Double Neg, Her+++ cancer.
I have had a scare every time I have had a mammogram since and my surgeon has advised a prophylactic mastectomy with immediate LD reconstruction as a preventative measure because he said I have high chance of return.
Has anyone ever had this procedure and if so, is it the same as the last time, or was the healing process quicker because of the absence of chemo and cancer etc. How long did it take to go back to work etc.
I am really nervous about this as it doesnt seem the same as getting rid of a cancer, but I am grateful to be offered it as they have my best interest at heart.

Would be so grateful for stories from anyone who has had similar.


Hi Sue - I think is sounds like a good idea if you are her2+++ as it is more likely to return I think. Quick history of me - had WLE in Sep03, i node affected, 6 x FEC, rads,Zoladex, Tamoxifen, then ovaries removed and switched to Exemastane. High grade DCIS picked up last summer in same breast which was hormone negative so had mastectomy with immediate ld recon and booked in for 2nd preventative mastectomy on 14 March with another ld recon.

I am assuming that the preventative mastectomy will be a little easier as no lymph nodes are being removed so movement in the arm should be a little better with less fluid build up.

I think it is good to go for it - it can’t completely remove the chances of breast cancer but reduces them by 90%.

I to am a bit daunted by the idea of having a 2nd ld flap but really want to reduce my chances of having it back again. From what I have read HER2+++ seem to be more aggresive and I didn’t have herceptin as it wasn’t approved by NICE when I was diagnosed first time around so feel this is the best I can do.

There is a thread on here somewhere about ladies who have had 2 ldflap recons - if I can find it will let you know.

Re going back to work - my last op was on 11 Sep07 and I was driving by 6 weeks and back at work by 1 Dec - could prob have gone a bit earlier but with Christams and 2 kids to run around after took as much time as I needed.

Good luck and keep in touch.

Sarah x x x

Hi ladies, I had LD and immediate reconstruction on 10 Jan for preventative purposes. I was in hospital for 4 nights and my movement was pretty good after and not as restricted as I would imagine. I had a seroma on my back which I thought would never go but after 5 weeks of drainage sometimes twice a week it has finally gone. at one stage it went up to 345 ml so be prepared… I am now 5 weeks post op and have been to the gym today, was driving after 4 weeks. back to work after 6 weeks. my history is WLE sept 06, chemo 6 x fec, zoladex, tamoxifen, LD on one side. my next operation is 27th March LD and immediate reconstruction again on other side, preventative. I would do anything to stop the cancer returning and see the operations as a minor set back but a positive thing… im on zoladex at the moment but am not sure if too have my ovaries out, im 40 end of May…
we are in similar situations.
p.s. i found worse thing in hospital was the drains but only because there are three and you have to sleep with them bit uncomfortable but thats all!

Hi sue,I had a left mastectomy in june 06 with lymph node removal,then in sept 07 had a prophylactic mastectomy on the right with reconstruction on both sides(from my tummy) no lymph node removal this time so apart from the obvious pain from recon six months down the line I have no pain in my right arm or funny feelings etc like I do on my left due to the lymphs still being there on the right.This probably does not help you one bit but I tried.xxi presume if I had not had recon at same time I would have healed quicker butI suppose at the end of the day it depends how quickly a person heals because everyone heals differently dont they?I went back to work 9 weeks after this surgery ,I dont know how because I could barely stand up straight but I needed the money.