Propranalol for anxiety

Hi ladies
I’ve just been prescribed propranalol for my anxiety, which is quite severe at times. It is a beta blocker and after researching it, it seems that there are claims that it is linked to slowing down the growth of breast cancer too.
I’m just wondering if anyone else has tried it, or is on it for anxiety.
The doc has started me off on 10mg, twice a day.

Hi Rachy65

It may be that no one else has experience of the drug you are talking about.

MIND has its own online community called elefriends where you may find additional support for mental health issues.  Although many of our users do have mental health problems we are predominantly a community for people affected by breast cancer which limits the support on offer for mental health conditions.  I can, however, highly recommend elefriends as another excellent community where you are more likely to get the support and information related to your mental health issues.  

We are of course here for you to support and provide information for any questions regarding your breast cancer diagnoses.  Some people find it comforting to know that they have more than one avenue of support for their different needs.

Best wishes
Digital Community Officer