Pros & cons of declaring BC as disability when looking for a new job

It seems all job applications now have a question “Do you consider having a disability” and I’m not sure what to answer. Yes I’ve had BC so under employment law I’m now classified forever as disabled but I don’t really feel like it.


If I say ‘yes’ will they discount me from the start or just go through the hoops to show that they’ve considered me but never having any intent on offering me the job even if I would be most suitable candidate?


If I say ‘no’ will that exclude me from something that would be beneficial for me?


So in a nutshell looking for any pros and cons for declaring BC as disability when applying for jobs, thanks

The legislation is there to protect people with disabilities so the question has to be asked so they can make reasonable adjustments both for attending interview and in in work, as it is a legal requirement.  A lot of employers are not very ‘good’ at making adjustments and as you say treat disability as a ‘nusiance’ which is so unfair for disabled people - other employers are very supportive and welcoming and will do all they can to accomodate the individual whatever the disability.  It is a difficult one for you - breast cancer is a disability under the equalities act and employers will have to make reasonable adjusemtents for anyone they employ if the breast cancer symptons/se warrent.  If i were you I would speak to Macmillan who have good experience of employment law and they will advise you on what they feel you should disclose when applying for jobs. 

I recently added some extra hours to my workload, but if i had not been successful i would not have minded. I declared on the application as felt they were more eager. They still took me on, and i am very happy there. I also feel secure knowing this has been out there from the beginning.

I ticked no this time last year as I don’t consider myself disabled. At interview I explained my absence from work as a crossroads in my life, to time out to figure out what I wanted to do. This is not a lie, just economical with the truth. When I received the phone call offering me the job subject to medical I came clean, told them I’d finished treatment, negotiated job a longer lunch break and Wednesday as my day off.

Medical came back clear, my reasonable adjustment being the part time I’d applied for. Been back at work since last August, two years after diagnosis.

Interesting question … I had absolutely no idea about this!

I work in the civil service and have this dilemma every time I consider applying for a new job or promotion as new shift patterns were brought in that stipulate you must be able to work any 5 days out of 7 between 8am and 10pm. As I don’t drive and public transport is non existent in my area on Sundays this would be hugely stressful for me. I always believed since my BC and Autism diagnosis I would be exempt from this on reasonable adjustments but now I am not sure. I had BC in 2014 and still get pain and fallout from Tamoxifen!

Forgot to add top and bottom of all this is my union rep and autism caseworkers tell me to alert those offering the job that I AM disabled as they reckon it will be in my favour re reasonable adjustments.