Prostap/Anastrozole and Dizziness/Headaches?

Hi, I’d be interested to know if anyone has had issues with dizziness and/or headaches on prostap and/or Anastrozole?

I am sure it is due to the prostap, but a lot I seem to experience are listed as rare side effects (1/10 women) so I’d be interested to know if anyone else has the issue.

All the damned side effects of ovarian suppression and Aromatase inhibitors always throw effects at you which makes you worry to death as they seem to mimic cancer, especially as due to premature ageing, I developed viterous fluid and cells in my eyes last year (all fine according to an eye specialist - ‘just a BIT of premature ageing’ he said :roll_eyes: easy to say when he’s not living with it)

The dizziness, sickness and on and off headaches are a nightmare and then of course… there’s anxiety which some of it could be to do with, but it’d be interesting to get other people’s experiences of side effects such as this.

Anastrazole does give me morning headaches. No dizziness- I also have a cough in the morning too. I know the cough is rare, but it started about a month after I started the medication. I’m getting close to stopping the drug, at my 5 year point. Hang in there, but watch the side effects. They are quite a few. I had some eye problems too that AREDS2 seems to have under control now. Best of luck!

I certainly felt dizzy when I started on Anastrazole ( I literally mean that - it took 10 minutes after taking the first tablet!!). I also got persistent stabbing headaches.

The dizziness wore off about a week later when all the other SE’s kicked in. The headaches persisted and my onc changed me onto exemestane after about 3 months.

Hi LCPhi80,

Thank you for posting your question.

Headaches, as @indygirl has experienced, and dizziness are both known side effects from both anastrozole and leuprorelin (Prostap). You don’t mention how long you have been on your hormone treatment, but many people find that the side effects improve over the first few months, although for some they may continue.

Anxiety is also a known side effect from hormone therapies, but can also be related to the stress of going through breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

If you haven’t done so already, do speak to your breast care nurse or treatment team about the symptoms you have. It’s important they know about any side effects you are experiencing so they can support you to manage them.

You may want to post in this section of the forum to ask about other’s experiences of managing the side effects from their hormone therapies.

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