Prosthetic boob - any advice on getting it right?

I have my fitting appointment on Monday and it feels significant. Living with SpongeBoob (aka a comfee) for the past 5 weeks has been a trial. It is not the right size or shape and migrates north so I keep having to shove it back down. Fetching. As I think I read you can only have one prosthesis a year on the NHS I am keen to get it right so if anyone can offer advice I would be most grateful. Is there much choice anyway? 


many thanks

Take something fitted and white with you like a tshirt or vest , take something with a pattern that looks wrong if not nearly straight. Make sure your bra is done up tight enough and your straps are level etc before you start the foundations have got to be right as my other half said

When you get it right in the white top try on the pattern I was fitted a few weeks ago for a foam post surgery prosthesis it looked fab in white top compared to spongeboob but wasnt actually level once I put on some checks!

Mine is an amonea natura light 2a i hardly know its there since I got it, it depends on the hospital how much choice my nurse had cupboards full but she does it all the time so she has the “eye” for it now

To be honest I didnt have a problem my BCN put one in said too small took it out put another in and it was perfect, tried on both tops and she was right

infact I had more faffing at the shop I went and purchased a lightweight form at around 2 weeks post surgery they tried about 4.

The best advice i got from my other half was dont expect perfect they werent perfect in the first place you just never noticed because they were yours which thinking about it was probably true mine is level, comfy, and 99.9% a match which will do

Dont let them rush you, try on and take off if there is a choice of 3 or 4 try all of them. If they work out a size from your bra size it may not be right so try up and down sizes too when I was fitted in shop it came out I should be a 13 I ended up a 11 in the form I bought there and a 10 in one from hospital.

Jen x

Once Wild - the best advice I was given before my fitting was that there are different shaped one. I have a lot of breast tissue (fat?) under my arm and find the tear drop shape is more suitable for me.

Unfortunately the BCN fitting me did not listen as she was also  training another nurse and was more concerned with her and insisted that a cone shaped one was right and it was also too big and migrated up to my chin.

Fortunately one of my friends works in the orthotics department of my hospital who fit ladies with prostetics and when she heard that I was unhappy offered to fit me. She was fab and showed me loads of brands and styles and sizes.She really took her time. Found one I thought I was happy with but she was not sure so ordered another size for me to try. She said I could use the one I had tried until the other came, telling me that it was possible to try and return.

Really happy with what I have and so grateful to my friend.

Hope you get sorted but if you are not happy go back and ask to have it changed. Good luck.  Marli x

Thanks everyone! I am now sporting a pair of equal sized boobs, that both wobble in a similar way - who would have thought that wobbly boobs would make one happy! With your advice I took my best fitting favourite bra as well as my one and only vaguely-decent-fitting pocketed one and was fitted in no time. Very pleased with the look and feel. Phew - another little hurdle over.