Prosthetic boob of no use now anyone know if there is anywhere I can donate it to.

I have a prothesis silicon boob which I had when they removed my left boob.  I have now had my second boob removed and as I did not have reconstruction I now have  matching pairs and this is an odd one that has been sitting wrapped up in my drawer.  Is there anywhere that I can donate this to.  Would be grateful if someone can tell me as I do not wish just to throw it away as it was expensive 


ive just given my prosthesis and mastectomy bras to Queen Victoria Hospital where I had my DIEP. They have a charity which gives takes them abroad for ladies who need them, I suspect your breast care nurse or local support group will also do simulator things or know people that do.


i took mine into a charity shop,in Pimlico,I think,called,Hospices at Home.They went to Romania,I believe.